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Unforgettable experiences and having fun playing Swamp Soccer since 2000.


For decades, the top Finnish cross-country skiers have been practicing their basic level of fitness at the swamp during the summer, and that is where the idea of combining the swamp and the world’s most popular sport, football, came from in 1998 in Hyrynsalmi. The rest is history… Swamp Soccer was born.

The first competition in 1998 involved 13 teams and since 2000, the battle for the title of world champion has taken place in Vuorisuo. Competitions are attended by nearly 200 teams, more than 2,000 players from different countries. The Ukkohalla ski & sport resort acts as a place of accommodation for the players, and hosts the Swamp Rock event during the games.

Who is Swamp Soccer for?

It is suitable for all those who enjoy the fun of being together, playing sports and wanting to experience unforgettable experiences. Swamp Soccer is played in several series, of which everyone can select a suitable way to experience the athmosphere of the World Championships. Companies, groups of friends, sports clubs, football teams…and many others gather to Vuorisuo every year.

The World Championships and basic information

The games are played on fields that are the size of 30 x 60 m. There are 20 fields in Vuorisuo, and during the competition nearly 1,000 games are played. The amount of players on the pitch includes the goalkeeper and 5 field players (1+5). The number of substitute players is not restricted, and substitutions are made on the fly. Playing time is 2 x 10 minutes.

World Championship titles are solved in 5 different series: women’s and men’s hobby and competition, mixed and Masters of Swamp (Konkari).

Vuorisuo is located in Hyrynsalmi and during the games it has a non-stop transportation from Ukkohalla for players and spectators. In addition to the 20 fields, the swamp has; a games office, swamp restaurant, swamp info and of course women’s and men’s saunas.

During years, Swamp Soccer has spread to the world and Swamp Soccer tournaments are held in various countries including Germany, Russia, Iceland, Scotland, India, etc.


The tradition of the tournament is that on the first day of the tournament at the official opening, the selected player of each team reads the oath of swamp.



I N.N. swear in the name of all Swamp Soccer World Championships players to honor Vuorisuo, nature,Swamp Soccer World Championships games and humanity and also respect fellow players and all participants, obey rules and play with fair play spirit. The spirit of Vuorisuo consist of having fun and playing fair play, meeting friends and having new friends and wallowing in swamp.

World Championship 2024

Tournament will be held 12.-13.7.2024 in Hyrynsalmi.

Tournament fee is 250€ per team.

Register your team by sending an email to [email protected]. Only by paying the bill by due date the teams will be registered for the tournament. Cancellations to [email protected].

Swamp rock

Hallan Karhu-restaurant and the Swamp Rock Arena at Ukkohalla welcome the fans of swamp soccer again to have fun together in the evenings at the Ukkohalla tourist center.

Swamp Soccer World cup is an excellent event for businesses and its stakeholders to spend time together with pleasant time and sports, the swamp soccer’s world cup is attended by players from different countries and the race atmosphere is an unforgettable experience.

Jussi Kiiskilä / Swamp Rock organizer
[email protected]
+358 50 543 5408


Swamp Soccer rules are based on football rules, with a own Swamp Soccer twist. Important thing is that field to the game is soft, and referee is there for players safety.

The team consists of a goalkeeper and five (5) field players, the number of substitutes is not limited. The team must have at least four (4) players on the field. In the mixed teams, the team must have at least two (2) female players at the same time, both of whom may not be the goalkeepers. In other series, there are not female / male constraints. In Masters of Swamp (Konkari) series is a condition of participation that the team has been at least 10 years with the participation or the age of the players is over 40 years. All the series are Mens Competition, Mens Hobby, Womens, Mixed and Masters of Swamp (Konkari).

Free substitutes in the field’s center line. Substitute areas are marked on the fields. The substitution is performed correctly when the player to the substitution has left the field before the player entering the field. A referee may give a free-kick to the opposing team from the center line, -the possible goal will not interrupt the penalty.

The judge can give a red card to a player who aggressively strives to harm his co-players. The judge thus guarantees safety, mild leisurelys are allowed, but all deliberate touches are worth a warning. Two of the same match warnings are followed by the red card and the exit. The outbound flight is followed by one (1) game ban.

  • In free kicks, the wall distance must be three (3) meters.
  • A goalkeeper may take the ball from the goal of about five (5) meters in the goal.
  • Immediate goal of goal kick off the goalkeeper is not accepted.
  • If the ball is returned to the goalkeeper in this opened game, the goalkeeper may not take the ball in his hand before the opponent has touched the ball or the ball is in the attack area.
  • There is no offside.
  • Free kick, penalty kick, corner kicks and sideline throws are kicked from hands.
  • All free kicks, corner kicks and sideline throws are indirect.
  • The same player must not play in more than one team in the same series (Reckoning between the other teams of the tournament is strictly forbidden!). Playing in other series is allowed.
  • If the team dispatch matches on Friday, any games they may have won will void, and the team is excluded from the series. At the same time, the team will be denied attendance in the next year’s Snow Soccer and Swamp Soccer tournaments.

Getting points

  • Winning the match 3 p
  • Draw 1p (In the regular season the match can end in a draw)
  • Loss 0 p

If teams get the same number of points in group stage, teams continuation will be judged by:

  • the result of mutual matches
  • goal difference
  • made goals
  • lottery

If the match finishes to draw in the semi-final, it will follow a penalty shootout

  • 3 shots per team
  • if after 3 shots the situation goes straight to sudden death

Any objections must be filed within 15 minutes of the end of the match for the tournament service or leader of tournament. You can not complain about a judge’s decision.

Jury can make individual case-specific and athletic decisions.

The referee / jury has the right to prevent the player or even a whole team from participating in the match.

Each player is responsible for his / her own insurance cover!