Unforgettable experiences and having fun playing Swamp Soccer since 2000


For decades, the top Finnish cross-country skiers have been practicing their basic level of fitness at the swamp during the summer, and that is where the idea of combining the swamp and the world’s most popular sport, football, came from in 1998 in Hyrynsalmi. The rest is history… Swamp Soccer was born.

The first competition in 1998 involved 13 teams and since 2000, the battle for the title of world champion has taken place in Vuorisuo. Competitions are attended by nearly 300 teams, more than 4,000 players from 10 different countries. The Ukkohalla ski & sport resort acts as a place of accommodation for the players, and hosts the Swamp Rock event during the games.

Who is Swamp Soccer for?

It is suitable for all those who enjoy the fun of being together, playing sports and wanting to experience unforgettable experiences. Swamp Soccer is played in several series, of which everyone can select a suitable way to experience the athmosphere of the World Championships. Companies, groups of friends, sports clubs, football teams…and many others gather to Vuorisuo every year.

The World Championships and basic information

The games are played on fields that are the size of 30 x 60 m. There are 20 fields in Vuorisuo, and during the competition nearly 1,000 games are played. The amount of players on the pitch includes the goalkeeper and 5 field players (1+5). The number of substitute players is not restricted, and substitutions are made on the fly. Playing time is 2 x 10 minutes.

World Championship titles are solved in 6 different series: mixed, women’s hobby, women’s competition, men’s hobby, men’s competition, business. In addition, the Swamp Adventure series is a playful swamp adventure, that includes task points in the swamp in addition to the games.

Vuorisuo is located in Hyrynsalmi and during the games it has a non-stop transportation from Ukkohalla for players and spectators. In addition to the 20 fields, the swamp has; a games office, swamp restaurant, swamp fair and of course women’s and men’s saunas.

During 17 years, Swamp Soccer has spread to the world and Swamp Soccer tournaments are held in various countries including Germany, Russia, Iceland, Scotland, India, etc.


World Cup 2018

Join Swamp Soccer 2018 tournament here

Tournament will be held 13.-14.7.2018 in Hyrynsalmi. Only a limited number of teams can participate in each class. Exact limits will be announced later.

Tournament fee is 200€ before 30.11.2017 and 250€ after that.

Only by paying the bill by due date the teams will be registered for the tournament. You can cancel your registration by 30.11.2017 without any fees. Cancellations to paivi.kemppainen@ukkohalla.fi.

Kimmo Kyhälä
+358 400 689 979

Miia Huovinen
+358 44 5657 886

Päivi Kemppainen
+358 400 523 902

Swamp rock – Rock at the swamp and at the Ukkohalla Swamp Rock Arena
Saaga-restaurant and the Swamp Rock Arena at Ukkohalla welcome the fans of swamp soccer again to have fun together in the evenings at the Ukkohalla tourist center.

Swamp Soccer World cup is an excellent event for businesses and its stakeholders to spend time together with pleasant time and sports, the swamp soccer’s world cup is attended by players from 5 different countries and the race atmosphere is an unforgettable experience. 24 teams will fit into the business-league.